Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 Weeks to the ING New York City Marathon: Last week's training

I'm happy to report that the tendonitis issue I was dealing with has not returned. I had a light week in terms of workouts but still got in good volume. Other than an easy day following the half-marathon, I averaged 20 miles a day the rest of the week. We actually didn't have any workouts scheduled for this last week because we weren't sure how I'd feel after the half. I recovered well, and I was able to hammer the Fartlek on Friday.  From now until New York I will drop about 15 miles each week as I start to rest. The quality of the workouts will be fairly high for one more week and then start to diminish in volume and intensity. It's hard to believe NYC is so close and that the hardest training is behind me. Tapering may be the least enjoyable part of a marathon build up for me. I feel as though I'm losing fitness, and I start to generate a lot of nervous energy as the training winds down. I realize that I'm not actually losing fitness, but the feeling lingers.

It's been great to spend time in Stillwater with my coach and get some training in on the miles and miles of hilly dirt roads. October and November are by far the best months in terms of weather to train in Oklahoma, and I hope to take advantage of that and the facilities for a longer period of time next fall. It's been great to see the Cowboy Cross Country team as well. I definitely miss the team aspect of training for a common goal. They've been busting their tails at 6:00 AM most of the fall and are looking extremely focused and fit. I wish them the best of luck as the important part of the season approaches. Thanks again for reading, and I'll post again next week. 

Week 11 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday 10.5 easy 4.5 15
Tuesday 15 + drills and strides 5 20 minutes core 20
Wednesday 14 6 40 minutes strength 20
Thursday 13 30 minutes + 8 x 200 meter hills 20
Friday Fartlek (5 min, 4, 3)(4, 3, 2)(3, 2, 1) – 14 miles 5 40 minutes core 19
Saturday 14.5 6.5 21
Sunday 14 + drills and strides 5.5 20


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  1. This is really inspiring, I want to be able to do distances like this some day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Would you consider checking out my new blog and maybe offer me some advice. Thanks Ryan