Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 Weeks to the London Marathon: Last Week's Training

It's just about time to hop the pond with the Virgin Money London Marathon less than 2 weeks away. I'll be heading to Prague first, and my wife will meet me there later. I'll get to spend a week there before heading to London, so it will be the perfect way to recover from the flight, adjust to the time difference, and relax before the race. Having a home base in the center of Europe makes racing in Europe much easier and more enjoyable. I don't particularly enjoy staying in a hotel for a long period of time before the race. I don't like eating out 3 times a day, and I don't enjoy being stuck in one room trying to rest and hold off the temptation to explore the city. Since I used to live in Prague, I know the city and will be able to cook my own food and train in familiar locations.

This last week of training went pretty well, although the Thursday workout was not what I was hoping for. Portland had a horrendous couple days of downpour, even breaking the rainfall record on Friday with over 1.6 inches. It didn't just rain a lot, but it was also cold. I won't be getting much sympathy regarding the weather from those in the midwest or northeast, but that kind of cold dump makes it feel like you're doing a workout in an ice bath. It doesn't matter what you wear, the water gets through, and it gets through fast. The workout got progressively slower as the weather worsened and my legs and arms became more numb. It wasn't a positive workout, but I knew it was weather related, and I didn't lose any sleep over it. I bounced back for a solid day on Sunday. It was only 6 miles of hard work, but I felt very smooth running in the 4:41 to 4:43 range. There is only one workout left on the docket before the full rest period takes over. The work is done; now it's time to get to the line on April 13th feeling fresh. Feel free to check out the week's training below and follow me here on twitter for more updates. Also, tomorrow (April 2nd), I'll be at Kinetic Integration doing a Q&A session at 7:00 PM for their athlete chat series for those of you in the Portland area. Thanks again for reading. The next post will be heading to the web from the Czech Republic.

Week 12 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday 12 5 40 minutes 17

Tuesday 1 hour run + 8 x 200 meter hills 5

Wednesday 12 6 40 minutes 18

Thursday 4 miles (4 min rest), 2 x 2 miles (2 min rest) @ 4:50 5

Friday 5.5 off

Saturday 14.5 off 30 minutes 14.5

Sunday 3 mile w/u, 3 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile tempo @ 4:41-4:43, 1 hour run easy off



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