Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Week in Flagstaff

After another long week of traveling, I'm finally feeling settled in here in Flagstaff. After taking much of the previous week off in preparation for marathon training, I squeezed in as many miles as I could between the flights. I started the week with a 10 mile tempo run, which sounds early to throw in, but we wanted to get some kind of hard effort in before traveling from Europe to Portland, Portland to Flagstaff knowing that I would not be able to train hard for the rest of the week. I spent a day and a half in Portland which was enough time to unpack from Europe and repack for Flagstaff. I'm living with Nick Arciniaga for the month, and I'm getting connected with the huge running community here.

I arrived in Flagstaff on Thursday, and after a canceled flight, a delayed flight, and a missing bag, I was exhausted. The evening run that night felt terrible, but each day since has been a slight improvement. The Sunday long run was the first real test, and I was pleased with how it went. There was an excellent turnout for the run, so I had plenty of guys to key off as I learned the ropes of the A1 road. Fortunately for me, the marathoners decided not to hammer the run which kept me in it and kept me from digging myself into a hole early into my altitude experience. We got through 21 miles in 2:08, respectable on the tough course, but I know these runs will be getting significantly faster. I got to tag along with veterans Scott Smith, Andrew Lemoncello, and Nick Arciniaga. It's great to be up here with guys with so much experience. My first training experience at this elevation is off to a fairly smooth start, and I'm looking forward to a high volume week with a couple of workouts thrown in. Feel free to check out last week's training below. Thanks again for reading and follow me here on twitter for more updates.

Week 1 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday off 10 mile tempo @ 4:59

Tuesday Off – traveling from Prague to Portland 5 easy shakeout following overseas flight

Wednesday 14 6 40 minutes 20

Thursday Off – travel from Portland to Flagstaff 8 easy following flights

Friday 14 5 40 minutes 19

Saturday 13 6 + drills and grass strides

Sunday 21 miles, progressively faster, 2:08 overall off



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