Saturday, November 3, 2018

Less than a day until the TCS New York City Marathon: Last week's training

There is no more training left to be done! The last 14 weeks have been long and difficult, but I am fit and ready for my 5th attempt in NYC. This will be my first year with what appears to be excellent weather. I don't want to get my hopes up for a fast race, as anything can happen without pacemakers. It could go out slow, turn into a Fartlek, or go out very quickly. I can only adjust while also staying within myself. I need to run my own race and do my best to run people down the second half, especially as the course gets progressively more difficult. The men's elite field is very deep, and there will be a very high percentage of US athletes who I will be facing again in the 2020 Olympic Trials. This will also be a special year for me as my wife is competing in the women's elite field for the first time. We'll see who will be taking care of who after the race.

I'll be getting up very early tomorrow AM for the NYC Marathon, but fortunately we getting a little help from the calendar with day light savings time coming to end. The extra hour will be very much appreciated. Watch the race on ESPN2. The women start at 9:20 while the men go off at 9:50. The last couple week's of training are below. Thanks for following!


4 miles easy, 4 x 2 miles @ threshold + 4 x 200m @ 30-32, 2 miles easy



tempo 3 mile, 2 mile 1 mile, 2 min/1 min rest @4:45-4:50 + 4 x 200m @ 30-32

90-100 min

80-90 min + strides
70-80 min

60-70 min

4 miles easy, 5 x 1000m @ threshold pace + 4 x 200m 2 miles easy

60 min

50 min + easy strides

35 min

New York


  1. Hi Ryan, I am a fan of yours and have been reading your blog for many years. What I find frustrating is that you always update it with the latest training and workout and so on but Hey! once the race is done (and I'm getting that you might be frustrated with the result) we don't hear from you...I would love to know what happended? What went all right and what went wrong etc...Anyway congrats on your build up and race!

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