Saturday, August 10, 2013

ING New York Marathon Prep

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog, but I intend to update it every week leading up to the ING New York Marathon this year. I took a short break after the USA Track Championships, and now I am building up my marathon training. Another 6th place finish at the US champs in the 10km, my sixth in a row, was a bit disappointing, but it was a very strong field. Coming off of another PR of 27:44 in the 10km puts me in a great spot heading into the fall marathon season.

Tomorrow will be 12 weeks out from New York, and I've been training for 5 weeks since my break at the end of the track season. I have been doing light workouts for the last two weeks in preparation for a solid 12 week block heading into November. Right now the goal is patience. I felt pretty wiped after an 18 week buildup leading up to the Fukuoka Marathon in December due to the cancellation of New York, so I have been very conservative for the last 5 weeks. I have increased the intensity of my strength training a bit by going to P.A.C.E. twice a week and working with local trainer Sean Coster. I am easing into it, but it can be quite taxing. As workouts and volume increase, the emphasis on this strength work will naturally decrease.

I plan on sharing my weekly training from now until New York. I am doing this for several reasons. First, not many people share their detailed training over long periods of time. Getting a peak at a week of training is only marginally helpful. My coach, Dave Smith, and I are still very much students of the marathon, so I know I would be interested in the marathon build-ups of other athletes. I also see this as an opportunity for feedback, discourse, and discussion. Everyone approaches marathon training a little differently, and I look forward to showing the simple, straightforward approach that Dave uses for all his athletes at any distance. I imagine some will find it fairly conservative, but it has kept me healthy and progressing for 9 straight years. I have achieved a PB in each of the 9 years under Dave. I have not made any huge jumps, but as long as I continue heading in this direction, there is no reason to change what's working.

Below are my last 2 weeks of training. The first 3 weeks consisted of nothing but jogging and strides with volumes at 85 miles, 100 miles, and 115 miles.

Week 1 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday 12 + drills and grass strides 6
Tuesday 4 mile tempo @ 19:20 5 1 hour 17
Wednesday 11.5 5.5
Thursday 15
1 hour 15
Friday 15 x 200 @ 30-32, 200 jog recovery 7
Saturday 11.5 5.5 40 minutes core 17
Sunday 10 mile tempo @ 5:10


Week 2 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday 13 miles + drills and grass strides 5
Tuesday 13 5 1 hour 18
Wednesday 15 x 200 @ 30-32, 200 jog recovery 5
Thursday 15
1 hour 15
Friday 13 5 30 minutes core 18
Saturday Tempo Session: 3 mile (72s), 2 mile (71s), 1 mile (70s) on track 5
Sunday Long Run


For more on my goals at NYC check out this interview by Flotrack:

More to come next week. Enjoy the World Championships!

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