Friday, December 25, 2015

Less than 8 weeks to the Olympic Marathon Trials: Last week's training

I got a little behind on my weekly blog with the holidays this week, but the training is below. The week was another step in the right direction, and most importantly, I'm still healthy. I have still been waiting for the day that I am going to wake up and have my sacrum or navicular start hurting again, but that day hasn't come even as my volume starts to jump back towards normal levels and the intensity is returning along with it. Last week consisted of my first measured threshold style effort with a 4 mile tempo coming after 40 minutes of moderate running. While 19:34 for 4 miles is not particularly fast for me in this type of workout, I am still pleased given it came during my 4th week back to ground running. The goal will be to get to 2 x 4 mile tempos under 19:00 about a month out from the race. I think I can get there.

I'm going to keep this update short as I am just finishing off my coffee and getting ready to head out for a long Christmas Day workout! Happy Holidays and Run Happy!

Week 4 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday aqua jog 75 minutes 70 minute run 1 hour 11
Tuesday Fartlek: (5 min, 4,3)(4,3,2)(3,2,1) w/equal recovery jog off - travel to PDX 14
Wednesday 9 miles + drills and strides 5 miles 14
Thursday 9 miles 5 miles 1 hour 14
Friday Aqua jog 90 minutes off 0
Saturday 40 min run, 4 mi tempo @ 19:34, 30 min run off 17
Sunday 10 aqua jog 1 hour 40 minutes 10

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