Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Less than 7 weeks to the Olympic Marathon Trials: Last week's training

I hope everyone is taking advantage of the Holidays to get some extra mileage in, especially those of you in the Northeast enjoying record breaking December temperatures. In Portland we have been experiencing record amounts of December rainfall. Rain in December feels relentless on a normal year, so this has been particularly dreary, and I've only been here for half of it. Sun is in the forecast for the next week, however, and it will feel incredible! I only have to make it a few more weeks before heading down to Chula Vista for what will hopefully be nearly ideal training weather.

I am continuing to progress at a fairly rapid pace with another step up in volume and intensity last week. I was able to cross the 100 mile barrier for the first time in many months, and I did it over the course of 6 days. It is still a far cry from my 150 mile weeks in the past, but my daily average is approaching solid marathon training. With such a short build-up and a long ways to go in terms of fitness following the injury setbacks, the focus is on quality long runs at this point rather than overall volume. Last week saw two runs at 18+ miles, and that will continue in the coming weeks as well. I was particularly happy with my Sunday 20 mile effort as I was able to average in the 5:30s, feeling smooth, with a rain/snow mix and gusty winds. It was as close as I've been to my pre-injury self since the summer; I felt like Forest Gump busting free from his braces!

With only 6 and a half weeks to go until the trials, I still have a lot of ground to make up, but I am seeing tangible progress every week, and my confidence continues to grow. Even though I am feeling pressured by the lack of time, I am enjoying training more than ever after being stuck on the sidelines with back to back bone injuries. Thanks again for reading, and all the best in 2016!

Week 5 AM PM Strength/Drills Mileage
Monday 9 + drills and strides 5 40 minutes 14
Tuesday 6 x 2km w/2 min rest starting @ 4:54 pace down to 4:38 pace 4.5 18
Wednesday 10 6 1 hour 16
Thursday 12.5 + drills and strides 4.5 17
Friday 9.5 mile moderate run, 4 mile tempo @ 19:21, 4.5 mi moderate run off 40 minutes 18
Saturday XC skiing cross training off 0
Sunday 20 mile run in 1:52, 4 mile push from 13-17 @ 19:48 off 20