Thursday, August 31, 2017

Less than 4 weeks to the Berlin Marathon: Last week's training

I've only just returned from Europe 11 days ago, but I already feel pressure to finalize plans to fly again in two and a half weeks. It seems that my fatigue and struggling in the Czech highlands has paid off, as I have felt fantastic since flying back to Portland. I know I will start to feel human again at some point, but for now I'm proud of the way I pushed through the tough days earlier in the training cycle as I am being rewarded with a feeling of fitness and optimism. I was happy with both of the workouts this past week, but I was even more pleased with the perceived effort. Nothing was forced, and the overall daily volume has been very manageable. I have no doubt that a fair amount of the mental and physical lightness has been thanks to the help of Cam Levins, having recently moved to the neighborhood, and I am looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the future. I hope I'm rounding into shape at just the right moment before Berlin!

Thanks again for reading, and feel free to check out last week's training below. Follow me here on Twitter for more updates.

Weeks to go: 5 AM PM Strength Mileage
Monday off 9.5 40 minutes 9.5
Tuesday 14 + drills and strides 6 20
Wednesday 4 mi tempo @ 18:59, 10 mi run, 4 mi tempo @ 18:57 off 24
Thursday 14 6 40 minutes 20
Friday 75 minute run + 8 x 200 meter hills 6 20
Saturday 12 6 40 minutes 18
Sunday 20 miles moderate + 4 mi push @ 19:31 off 20
Total: 131.5


  1. Is your temp runs at marathon goal pace or faster? If faster, what is the goal? Thanks

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