Friday, April 28, 2017

Less than 2 weeks to Bloomsday

Another wet week in the books and I'm on track to toe the line healthy and fit for Bloomsday in a little over a week. After attempting several marathon build-ups in a row over the last 18 months, it feels refreshing to get back to training for shorter distances. Continuous marathon training can really make you feel stagnant physically and mentally, and I think all marathoners can benefit from dropping in distance for workouts and races for at least a little while each year. While I haven't quite hit workouts that make me think I'm in 10k PR shape, I am surprised at how quickly track workouts are coming back to me. I'm trying to patient, but I can start to see my fitness just over the horizon in a matter of weeks. I have time for one more big interval workout before Bloomsday that will hopefully be a nice confidence builder.

I'm looking forward to competing over 12km without worrying about the clock. I normally have a decent sense of my own effort and can measure out my race pretty well by feel without knowing any splits. Bloomsday is also a fairly hilly course which should play to my advantage. It will be a great opportunity to get back to basics and have something to show for the last several months of training.

Thanks again for reading, and feel free to check out last week's training below.

Weeks to go: 2
AM PM Strength Mileage
Monday 5 off 40 minutes 5
Tuesday 5 15 x 200 @ 29-30 w/200 meter jog recovery 16
Wednesday 14 off 40 minutes 14
Thursday 11 5+ drills and strides 16
Friday 6 10 x 500 meters (77-80 seconds) 100 meter jog recovery 16
Saturday 11 5 40 minutes 16
Sunday 18, push 14-18 @ 4:55-5:00 off 18