Thursday, October 4, 2018

Less than 5 weeks to the TCS New York City Marathon: Last week's training

With exactly a month to go before the NYC marathon, I'm happy with my current fitness level. A month is still plenty of time to continue making ground, but the trajectory is where I want it. The mid-week workout was a typical threshold type effort, but the long run was something a bit different than what we have done in the past. It was 15 miles of work, starting a little faster than marathon pace, but a bit slower than half pace, with generous rest. I am hoping it will make the upcoming 16+ mile tempo at marathon pace feel as comfortable as possible. The times weren't outstanding, but they were on the road and coming off another 140 mile week, and shortly after 15 x 200 meter hills. In a non-marathon training week, the hills wouldn't be treated as much of a workout, but with all the building fatigue of marathon training, they're just one more weight on your shoulders heading into the long run. That is exactly how marathon training should feel. I'm looking forward to the final few weeks of training when the volume starts to come down and I start to feel a bit poppy again.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to check out last week's training below:

 AM: 14 + strength
PM: 6

AM: 14 + drills and strides
PM: 6

AM: 4 x 2 mile @ 4:45, 1-2 min rest
PM: 5

 AM: 14 + strength
PM: 6

AM: run + 15 x 200 meter hills
PM: 6

 AM: 18.5 + strength
PM: 6

Tempos: 5 miles, 4, 3, 2, 1 starting @ 4:52 and working down to 4:40, rest = 5 min, 4, 3, 2


  1. Ryan, what are your goals for this year’s NYC Marathon? I’ll be there too. Let me know if/when you’ll be at the expo. Maybe I can wish you luck in person. Best of luck with the remainder of your training cycle. -Tim

  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for the transparency of your training, great to see you back. Was the recovery on the long run active or static? If active was it a real jog or more a float?


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